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GGEF Plot 6-29-13
1600 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90291
Friday, July 12th thru Saturday, July 13th, 2013 – Windward Plaza, Venice Beach, California – 10 am to 6 pm both days.
FREE to the public! 

God’s Green Earth Festival is a 2- day, “green earth”, music and action sport festival held at the beautiful, outdoor, Windward Plaza in Venice Beach, CA.

We have incorporated 2 solar sound stages of professional and amateur acts and specialized “green” presenters, alongside an internationally-known skate park with professional skateboarders and more than 20 booths of the latest, groundbreaking “green” technology. Our efforts have transformed this festival into a community collective, bringing together green exhibitors, vendors and speakers with amazing skateboarders, musicians, DJs, flow and fire performers, artists, youth groups, food trucks, volunteers and more! Our aim is to bring the world to a better understanding of what steps we need to take – as a community – to bring this amazing earth that God has endowed us with, to a healthier, overall, well-being, also including better and healthier ways of eating and living.

“Green” technology is nothing new. For centuries, mankind has had an awareness of the need to keep our lands and waters pure and pollution free, as the industrial revolution prospered. We all love and need technology to further our movement as a culture. But there is always the need and concern for environmentally friendly ways to go about doing so. Without this concern at the forefront of our development, our lands and waters would become highly polluted and unsafe for wildlife – and eventually human life – on a very basic level. Our oversight of these issues over many, many years, is what has now, taken a very effective toll on the well-being of this very environment that we thrive in. Simple and fundamental steps toward change are required, for us to preserve this wonderful and beautiful gift that our Creator has blessed us with. Please join our 2 day festival to hear, see and learn about what things we can do – on every level – to keep this earth thriving in a godly, greener and positive direction!

This event is free to the public both days!

(Event organized and managed by TGE Productions / Spirit’s Fire Gatherings)

Windward Plaza, Venice Beach, CA