Sponsors – Producers

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Below are listed the individual sponsors of this festival.
All sponsors have been in complete alignment with our goals of a greener, more godly environment.

Sponsors – Producers

TGE Productions – The main organizing group of God’s Green Earth Festival, Producer, CFO and Web Design. Engineering and providing Audio and Video needs for the event.

Spirit’s Fire Gatherings – Partner group and co-organizer of God’s Green Earth Festival. Chief coordinator of DJ Booth and Fire Performers.

Sound Revolution – Co-producer and provider of main stage sound system.

Big C Castle (djhardstyle1 at yahoo dot com) – Providing DJ Sound System and organizational assistance.

Prosperity With Purpose – Providing Web consulting and Web Design assistance.

Sustainable Solutions Partners – Providing all power for the event (Completely Solar Power).

Ascend Malibu – Providing drums and music gear.

Kevin Ivers (iversbiz at yahoo dot com) – Development of graphics for website and promotions.

California Green Press – Green press printing for the bulk of our advertising printing of posters and fliers.

A Green Adrenalin Planet Event – Co-producer, booking environmental speakers and exhibitors.


Special thanks for financial contributions from:

Dr. Lindley GeBorde
Richard and Madeline Milnes