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Welcome to our videos page! Here you will see the videos shot from the first year of our festival, July, 2013. This page will grow as more videos are edited and added. Enjoy!

This video was shot on day 2, Saturday, July 13, 2013. The band is “Black Dog” and they are an amazing Led Zeppelin cover band that you will see, ROCKING OUT! You’ll then see a crowd beginning to form as well as some backstage footage featuring legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi and legendary musician, Angelo Moore from the rock, ska, soul band called “Fishbone”. Although these 2 living legends have known of each other for decades, this is their first meeting and a somewhat candid shot of some of their first interaction. Festival creator, Troi Ge, is there in the shot with them as well. History in the making – Good Stuff!

We had many, very knowledgeable speakers that spoke on our current “green” status. Please listen to these very wonderful speakers and the importance of their messages.

Sierra Club – “Organic Waste”

Sea Shepherd, Food & Water Watch, Label GMOs, Seed Library, Sierra Club

Band Stage, Day 1 – A montage video highlighting 6 of the 8 bands that played on Friday, July 12, 2013

Band Stage, Day 2 – A montage video highlighting 9 of the 10 bands that played on Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here is a highlight of some of the AMAZING firespinning that took place over the course of the 2 day festival. Spirit’s Fire Gatherings ran the DJ stage and was able to acquire the permits for the 1st fire-spinning to EVER take place at Windward Plaza on Venice Beach, CA! Unfortunately, we were able to come up with very little video of this historic moment. If anybody has more footage of the fire spinners, please send us the links or the footage! Enjoy these clips!

Legendary skateboarder and public speaker Christian Hosoi shares some words about God’s Green Earth with the crowd.

Melissa from Heal The Bay and Dorit from Green Lifestyles Network share some words about our ocean and our food.

This short montage highlights a handful of the DJs that performed on the Spirit’s Fire stage at our festival. Enjoy!